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medicine wheel:

Key words: Purifying, - curative, - restorative, - cleaning, - northern soul path. Description: Echinacea is put in the medicine wheel with cleaning and the external position of the northern soul path in respect. This plant, many healing powers are repeated, grows in many places wildly in the Präriegebieten of the United States. In particular Echinacea looks antiseptic, restorative and cleaning. She should also help in snakebites and by many disturbances which result from problems with the blood or the lymphatic system. General meaning: To repulse deep cleaning, - an aspect of itself which must be strengthened, - a weakness in your immune system, - reductions of your ability, external influence, - spring-cleaning. Association: Prevent against colds. Transcendent meaning: Gift of deep cleaning, - gift of the understanding of those things which block you.

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