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Word associations are means of many dreams to draw the attention of the dreaming to the dream contents. Because many people with boars do not have contact, 'boar' means in the dream ordinarily 'about' - in terms of surfeit. Therefore, in connection with parties and holidays the boar can show sensory desire and gluttony. The animal is also a symbol for the animal-male strength and can symbolise impetuous sexual needs which one may not suppress, however, too strongly because one loses usually easily the control of it. If one catches or shoots a boar, should warn on the one hand, however, about envious people.


At the spiritual level the boar stands in the dream for abundance and vitality. In connection with the mythology and with fairy tale the boar can also explain Bad.


The boar indicates Landing or sea voyage ends a dangerous storm, going to court a mighty, thoughtless and violent opponent who often leads a crude language, farmers infertility because the animal lays waste the plantations, and a marrying it joins a woman to who owns neither heart goodness nor decency. However, it is not at all surprising that the boar also calls a woman. If the remark may seem also tasteless, I want to bring forward them, nevertheless to prove with it my often made experience. Boar is called the animal and means quite comprehensibly a women's room, - then so cool women are called, and Menandros says: 'You most cool like a boar, misfortune woman!'



  • in general a symbol for difficulties in the occupation on those one must calculate and raise a lot of patience to achieve his aims, - also: one should watch out for hostility from the next surroundings,
  • see in the wood: an obstinate person will bother you,
  • meet in the wood: the trust to a dear person will be shaken,
  • are threatened by him: one will be threatened by an opponent without consideration,
  • to the attack see coming up to himself: stubborn pursuit of enemies,
  • see running: you have escaped from a danger,
  • shoot: you have to pass a dangerous adventure,
  • catch: Joy and favour.

(European ones).:

  • means (like bull) sexual plans and sexual hopes,
  • see: one is frightened by enemies and opponents and is threatened, bad-disposed neighbours try to do to us harm,
  • meet one: a certain incident will undermine the trust to a person and be disappointing,
  • hunt a wild one: fruitless efforts,
  • are hunted by one: Separation,
  • catch or shoot: meant luck,
  • are attacked by a boar: if a forthcoming danger,
  • announces
  • boar's teeth: stand for luck and profit.


  • see in the wood: Care, one has the intention to bring you in court,
  • shoot: you will come to a society which you do not like,
  • catch: Envious people are near you.
(See also goat, boar, pig, bull, animals) (boar: To interpret mostly a little more unfavorably than other animals!)

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