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In the dream state there are many levels of the understanding. The level on which the dreaming his dreams interpreted, depends on how far he is already progressed. As a dream with negative mood the level stands for boredom, - these are far and wide no challenges and suggestions by view. As a positive dream: unchecked view ('foresight'), no obstacles or astonishing disturbances are to be feared, because one can see them early and handle. Maybe is behind it, however, also a warning before obstacles and risks before which one closes up to now the eyes. A level surface refers as a rule to ease and allows to expect the everyday success, however, warns probably about much too big comfort. If one looks out of a higher location at a friendly level, besides, one overlooks the other life for some time and may calculate on the fact that he will run tranquilly and successfully.


In the temple architecture the level knowledge explains beyond the norm.



  • endless, see: a hopeless future,
  • see a wide one: a time of the balance will follow the instantaneous internal restlessness, - one is contented with his life,
  • see general: your time has come what always you attack, success will bring,
  • green and flowery ones: blest views, - quiet days,
  • (green and flowery) live on it: continual luck.

(European ones).:

  • denial of obstacles, - also: An important decision approaches. One cannot be confused from many possibilities and thinks only of what is the most important.
  • widens green and fertile ones see: on the current time of the restlessness a time of the balance and satisfaction will soon follow, - promises in the next time joy and luck and the good make headway in the life,
  • see bald and desolate ones: vain efforts and struggle,
  • are on one: good advancement,
  • go on a trip above the plain: signals profits, however, the loss of the affection of a person with whom to you lies a little bit,
  • see one in the middle of the wood: reassuring and well-balanced existence,
  • from a high position well over one look: one will climb up in the life, even if at the moment nothing points to it,
  • then
  • crossed a young woman a level, lives them in happy relations if the grass is green and luxuriant, - the level is dry or has dried up the grass, her uneasiness and loneliness approach.


  • it has the appearance as if your luck has gained a firm foothold.

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