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Low tide


  • low tide and flood (tides) symbolise the transitoriness and everlasting return of the same in the course of the life. With suitable personal living conditions discontent, boredom is able in it or resignation appears, should try - then one to exhaust the possibilities of the life again more.
  • the tides can comfort
  • during the misfortune because it will turn again to the good, in the luck against it the tides warn about too much security, selfmagnificence and arrogance.
  • low tide is the symbol for mental relaxation and the effort of an intensive feeling. An excitement 'dies down'.
  • The vision can also indicate the famous emptiness in the cash, a state which will never stop, however, long because after every low tide the flood comes again. It is as it were a country by view if we dream of the low tide.


Low tide and flood stand for the rhythm of the life, On and From, dies and becomes.



  • unsteady luck, - your destiny will develop completely of change, - also: the people mistrust you and withdraw.

(European ones).:

  • announces a quick reunion of a grown fond area,
  • by the sea see: Profit or inheritance, - the destiny will develop as completely of change, like the tides,
  • from the sea see: the life stagnates, nothing new stands out, trusts in yourself, soon it is getting better again,
  • and flood see: changeable luck.

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