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Association: - Cleaning, - further rinsing. Question: From what want I to whitewash myself?


Showering has a similar meaning like washing and bathing in the dream. It symbolises the cleaning of the conscience and the regeneration of the body and the soul. Nevertheless, showering is less thorough than Baden in the lake of the emotional and points thus to a superficial freeing from possible feelings of guilt, - the dreaming should be admonished to bigger conscientiousness and perseverance. If one takes a shower in the dream excessively long, it can also mean that honest efforts are not appreciated by the people accordingly. One should absolutely orientate himself by benevolent. Shower can promise (warmly) better health, however, the cold shower stands for disappointments or failures, one comes from the rain to the eaves. Does the shower remind you of rain, particularly if you stand with clothes under the shower? Then you run the risk, to be misunderstood and to be valid as a headstrong hardhead. Consider once how you work on others.



  • shower-bath: your honest efforts are misjudged,
  • Your annoyance will pass and you will have happy experiences.
  • to themselves see standing under the shower: others will feel big malicious pleasure about personal bad luck. Indeed, one himself has given in addition occasion.

(European ones).:

  • reaction of own actions. Somebody has put a rumour about one in the world. One receives the opportunity to rectify the thing, however, besides, one should keep the rest.
  • get a cold one: one is misjudged in his honest intentions,
  • in a cold space take a warm one: if means health,
  • in amusing society take one: if brings a lot of pleasure.

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