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In the dream shows to be thirsty that the dreaming has a dissatisfied internal need, - coveting balance possibly, or the dreaming feels abandoned, without hope that his situation could make amends. Now every form of emotional satisfaction would be welcome. Thirst can appear in body-conditioned dreams if one really has the need to drink something. Mostly a thirst dream is not dreamt to an end because the thirst feeling the dreamer allows to fast awake. If the dreaming satisfies his thirst himself, this shows that he is able to meet properly his wishes. If the thirst of the dreaming in the dream remains unextinguished, the discussion is believed with the fact that from the dreaming to existential needs by whom also always, are kept. Old springs see in it after the accompanying circumstances in the dream still the following meanings:
  • should be thirsty at the wish for good relations with dear people as well as to avoid wrong friends, point.
  • The thirst tells to satisfy on the quick improvement of an upset situation hope and success and luck can announce.
  • Richly drink prosperity and respect maybe promises in the next time.
  • to A thirsty to drink allows to give on gratitude hope.
  • thirst before an empty bottle can warn about a disappointment in the partner respect.


The thirst in the dream stands literally for the thirst for spiritual knowledge and for enlightenment.



  • feel: vain endeavours, - your hopes are vain, - one will get to know wrong friends,
  • to burning, to be able to satisfy able to have without being able to satisfy him: Restlessness and trouble without success, - one should become more modest,
  • drink and afterwards still be thirsty: one dedicates himself to vain hopes,
  • breastfeed in the excess: to you there blossoms big luck and special honour,
  • breastfeed: nice curriculum vitae, - you will receive presents and love,
  • thirsty water: you will acquire to you gratitude,
  • drink without thirst: Warning of immoderateness.

(European ones).:

  • a purely physical reaction is mostly given, - one longs for the drink as an elixir of life,
  • have: meant a desire for wealth, - one aims at aims which lie at the moment under his possibilities, - also: wrong friends get to know,
  • can be thirsty and not drink: if sadness and restlessness,
  • promises
  • can drink and not breastfeed: if a vain endeavours tells in, - dedicate themselves to vain hopes which do not come true, - professional failure,
  • have and enough to drink: Luck and wealth, - respect, - fulfilment of the wishes, - professional success,
  • have and find an empty bottle: one will experience a dear disappointment,
  • other see extinguishing her thirst: the favour of high-powered people on himself pull.
  • thirsty give to drink: tells good success in, - brings gratitude,
  • refuse thirsty drink: one will be pursued by bad thoughts.
(See also hunger)

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