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The human sence of smell is coined very strongly. But like all the other sensory perception the smell can also stand for something else or be means to draw the attention of the dreaming to a place or a situation in his past. Smells release much faster than pictures feelings. He expresses a 'longing for the lost time' in most cases. Nice moments want to receive or are revived. If one perceives a smell in the dream, this is extremely significant as a rule, because it emphasises single components of the dream events even stronger. If it concerns a pleasant smell, this refers to a good time, - the smell is disagreeable, then he is possibly to be understood as a warning.


At this level a charming smell symbolises holiness and spirituality.



  • flower smell or perfume: in close future receive happy news which one should check, however, for the truth salary, - also: One loves you and says it you in affectionate words.


  • The meaning of smells in the dream depends on how they are felt: Pleasant smells are recommendations, to be confident and to enjoy the life, because glad message is on the move. As unpleasantly felt smells ask us to look at our way more exactly. It is essential to make a distinction between light and being.

(European ones).:

  • pleasant smells: pleasant news, sensuous pleasures, smaller profits and honour.
(See also smell,' perfume')

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