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A frequent dream symbol if one is at war 'with himself' and one from contradictory feelings or settings suffers: If the head wants what rejects the heart - or reverse. If you yourselves are one of the duellists and the other a person known to you, this presumably refers to your respect with that or that, maybe also on the sexual aspects of this respect. Are you jealous? Even if you win this duel in the dream, it could bring to you bad luck.



  • in general: you have quarrel and do not consider what you say, this is your damage,
  • see: dangerous chances agree, - a process with an unfavorable exit possibly approaches, - one should avoid letting drag in any quarrel,
  • are challenged to one: one is possibly in danger which goes out from being close people or things,
  • explain even with: Death danger, - you are in a state of the internal conflict, - one should learn to bridle his tongue,

(European ones).:

  • are challenged to one: if great danger tells in,
  • are involved in one: indicates disputes which might have disagreeable results, - points to a danger which one can remove only with effort,
  • deliver one: one should learn to bridle better his tongue,
  • take part and as a winner from it arise: one will achieve an aim after big difficulties without taking pleasure in it,
  • other see delivering one: one cannot be dragged in the quarrel more different, one would deliver only the buffer stop,
  • of wide one watch one: Jealousy problems load to one.
(See also under the single weapon names)

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