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Threat stands in the dream mostly for insecurity and fear of the future. However, it can also be that one feels fear of the menace by contents edged out in the unconscious which one cannot master yet. The word thing stands blank in the space, accepts no shape, so that we do not need to be afraid of it. A threat is nothing threatening, but at most a warning of it to do something rash. If one himself threatens somebody, one will soon experience annoyance and disputes.



  • Zwistigkeiten, - One wants to intimidate you, insists to you the courage.
  • finish speaking: you commit a wrong.

(European ones).:

  • expression of the incapacity and internal insecurity because one cannot assert himself,
  • are threatened: announced quarrel and judicial Scherereien, - fear around the future,
  • direct to somebody: if an excitement tells in.

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