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Every percussion instrument which plays a role in dreams is a tip to the fact that some power about the dreaming has and wants to control him instead of giving him the strength to step even in action. Flail warns about rash actions which can lead to problems and worries and also indicates from case to case hitting and being hit. A flail can make clear the images of the dreaming about authority. In days of yore the court jester used a pork bubble to hit the king with her and to remind him with it of the necessary humility.


A flail can also symbolise spiritual higher valency and the higher power which is maybe accessible to the dreaming.



  • (without thrashers) see: Success in all things, - marriage with an unkind person, - also: Hats you before bad enemies,
  • work with it: you will have to be vigorous not to pay extra.

(European ones).:

  • announces heavy unusual work, however, points also at a raw and common person with whom we are got to act, - grief.


  • you must consider only, before you come to a decision.

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