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The dreaming must urgently learn to separate the chaff (inessential) from the wheat (essentials), otherwise he wastes himself and will soon have big problems. Also rash actions should be avoided possibly.



  • big business success, - Still a bad blow and then there comes the luck and money.
  • see threshing grain or in it be involved: if a gainful work announces,
  • thresh empty straw itself: a lot of trouble, little success,
  • see threshing empty straw: you will get in a fight.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will get to do it with a disagreeable person,
  • thresh: if a strenuous work tells in,
  • to themselves see threshing grain: great success in the commercial life and luck in the family,
  • thresh empty straw or a lot of straw with small punches: means futile efforts.

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