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In general:

  • The Greek priest Pythia sat in Delphi on a tripod and told fortunes, also to find the truth about itself.
  • of The footstools with three legs has always found a favorable interpretation: Support possibly in the occupation, but also family luck.


He stands for spiritual strength and enlightenment.


The dreifüßige table and the cooker call the life, the living conditions all together and the wife of the dreaming. If table or cooker take damage, one must conclude that the damage called by them suffers. The four-footed table differs in no manner from dreifüßigen, just as little like any other piece of the equipment on which one dines. It dreamt one, he goes on the article of a tripod over the high sea. He was accused of political offences, was condemned and exiled on an island, - then the device, him dahintrug, was washed around all around by water and resembled the appearance after an island.



  • you will have a mysterious meeting.

(European ones).:

  • family luck or pleasant present, - brings working satisfaction.

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