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Association: - Trinity, - balance of the contrasts, - sociability. Question: - How do I integrate the contrasts in myself?


Three is valid since time immemorial here as a magic number: In fairy tale three riddles are mostly to be solved, Neptune carries a trident. But also in the different religions Three has a great importance. Thus one speaks, for example, of the Trinity of God, and in the Indian religion Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are a divine triad. In the dream Three has the symbolic meaning of mind and creative strength, she has a male aspect. Three as a number can register that contrasts and contradictions unite at a higher level and produce something new, the luck, satisfaction and great success gives. It is the element of our will, the idea, the result of the union of man and woman, the future bearing. Good and bad can indicate Three. In the dreams which point to negative it is often shortly before three o'clock. (Who is superstitious, knocks also three times on wood.) Other symbol for the fact that only Three a whole proves: The old family = father + mother + child. The human personality = body + soul + mind. The time = past + present + future.



  • see or write this number: Luck and glad view.

(European ones).:

  • means a lot of luck,
  • three birds see fly and driving three ships a sign is for a dangerous trip which must be undertaken which is got over, nevertheless, without danger.
(See also figures)

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