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Who dreams of him, has to other people 'a good wire', and thus he is also to be looked symbolically: Connection, communication, positive interaction. With wire one can also limit something to own it and to bind to himself - translates: the chains want to a beloved person or locking out a not more agreeable friend from our circle of thought.
  • wire often symbolises obstacles on which one must count in the next time.
  • a wire barrier interprets even invincible problems register.
  • are interpreted Favourably only wires of silver and gold which should point out to the fact that one difficulties overcome and traps which put others, exposes on time.
  • barbed wire can injure, in the dream it is the soul which is injured, ours I which feels in the awake life thousand small Sticheleien put out which point to painful experiences.



  • see or roll up: watch out for traps and treacherous people who try to ensnare you,
  • silver: against you invented pranks will become from friends crosses,
  • more golden: your wishes are fulfilled and everything are led to the good,
  • find: you have to fight back annoyance,
  • look: you will be in financial difficulties,
  • trip over one: Warning before a trap which has put somebody to one,
  • get stuck in him: Danger for the future,
  • move: a process will stretch in the length, - also: you have all possibilities in the hand which is sure success.

(European ones).:

  • the dream of wire is the expression of invincible obstacles which oppose one,
  • or wire mesh: if promises a secret which we must keep to own best for ourselves
  • see: one gets a trap put,
  • see barbed wire: to remain a reminder, now time-long patient, until all difficulties resolve by itself,
  • get stuck in the barbed wire: now a judicial process or disputes bring a lot of annoyance,
  • wire conductor: often undertake short travelling by which one comes to the gossip,
  • a golden one: good progress of the shops,
  • a silver one: Vereitelung of bad plans more different,
  • old and rusty wire: are controlled by bad mood, - this prepares for your related difficulties,
  • see wire fence: in a business are cheated,
  • trip over one: Care, somebody has set a trap for one.


  • lets the enemies talk, so much them want, you know alone how it stands you.
(See also rope)

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