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Dragon (mythical figure)

Association: - Control of the elements, - abundance, - connection of matter and mind. Question: - In which manner am I ready to bring the physical and spiritual aspects of my personality in harmony?


Every person also owns a courageous side with which he offers the forehead to dangerous conflicts. This must be, so that the dreaming can overcome the low sides of his being and reach his internal springs. The dragon in the dream shows this conflict. The positives of the dragon's dream: The monster in us is mostly defeated. The fight with the dragon circumscribes the backlash of the dreaming against itself and his feelings. The dragon can appear in the dream either in the shape of the known fairy tale being or mythical figure or in the modern disguising of excavators, tanks and similarly monstrous machines. In the fairy tale the virgin is often guarded by a dragon. It is fought in the dream with a dragon, the fight of the dreaming with the animal side of his sexuality can be meant with it, - besides, in general it always concerns a fight which the dreaming with himself or a quality unknown to him of his psyche delivers. His appearance in the dream requires that the dreaming works on his passions and chaotic images. The dragon can show as a dream symbol, nevertheless, also the emotionally cold, I-referring, calculating side of the dreaming. However, the dream dragon symbolises generally also the devouring and menacing side of the female.
  • a dragon is a complicated, universal, archetypal symbol urtümlicher, coldblooded vitality.
  • He is valid as horrific and, nevertheless, manageable.
  • dragon (as a mythical creature) is valid in China though as a luck symbol, however, with us he is interpreted negatively.
  • Often he points out
  • in the dream to a materialist basic setting beside which emotionally spiritually needs atrophy partially linked with thoughtless egoism. One must change such settings as soon as possible.
  • to Artemidor the dragon stands in connection with wealth and treasures, with a high-ranking personality from which one expects support to himself. A dragon who generates loathing points in the opinion of the Greek interpreter of dreams to serious dangers, a turning away dragon on an unhappy idiom in the life.
  • The dragon (the female one of course!) is often the bad mother whom her child rejects.
  • of early took him the dream interpretation literally - the fire-vomiting mythical figure had to hold out as a symbol for a bad woman (or the mother-in-law): for the dragon just.


At the spiritual level the dragon stands for the female side subject by the patriarchy of the person. You is allowed not with fight, but must be met with love.


The dragon means because of his strength and strength a king (grich. Dragon, dragon also means queue, but word drakon. Also with Achmet (228,9) the dragon is a symbol of the king), further - because of his body length - which strips the old skin time and because he and becomes rejuvenated again, - then also it goes out to the time in the change of the seasons, - further he means wealth and money because he protects treasures, and all gods to whom he is holy. These are this: Zeus, Sabazios, Helios, Demeter and Kore, Hekate, Asklepios and the heroes. If he approaches, something gives or speaks and his harmlessness by the tongue makes known, he promises big blessing of the called or by the called, - in the opposite case he brings bad luck. If he embraces or ties up somebody, he prophesies (involvements) and chains, the ill downfall and almost causes the death of them, - he himself is a child of the earth and lives in the earth. The dragons who change into men mean heroes, those who change into women, Heroinen. A woman who went pregnant dreamt, she has born a dragon. The son whom she bore became an excellent and name-like speaker, - then the dragon has like a speaker a two-edged tongue. This was it one rich woman, and the wealth is of the Zehrgroschen of the education. Another had the same dream face, and her son became a Hierophant (The uppermost cult official in Eleusis, - in the centre of this important cult stood Demeter and Persephone.) ,-since holy is the dragon, holy also of the Myste. In this case the dreaming was the wife of a priest. A third one dreamt the same dream face, and her son became an excellent seer, - the dragon is blest because to Apollon, the prototype and model of all seers. This woman was the daughter of a seer. A fourth one had the same face, and her son became an unrestrained and cheeky fellow and enticed many women in the town, - then the dragon goes crooked ways. However, it was already the mother a model of lecherousness and Hurerei. A fifth one dreamt the same dream face, and her son was seized as a thief and was decapitated, because the dragon is hit if he is caught on the head and ends in such a way. Also this woman was not at all flawless. The son of a sixth one which had the same dream experience became a brief slave, - then the dragon writhes by the narrowest columns and tries to avoid the looks of the pursuers. The mother was even a slave. Of a seventh one the same dreamt, and her son was paralyzed, - then the dragon helps himself to the progress of his whole body, just as the paralyzed. When the woman this dream face looked, she was laid low in an illness. It was to be expected that the delivered child received during the illness would move not normally. All things which move in the same manner have, looked in the dream, the same meaning. Thus, e.g., somebody dreamt, he has been bitten by a dragon in the foot. The person concerned suffered by a wheel on the street an injury, exactly on the foot at which he had been bitten in the dream, - then if a wheel turns, it moves with his whole mass immediately like the dragon.



  • The dragon means a king, queues point according to her size to big or small enemies.
  • Dreaming somebody of a giant python or a dragon in his house, on the field, in town or country, a hostile ruler will appear ebendort with bad intention.
  • the dragon trees sets on fire
  • or uproots he them, the inhabitants will suffer according to being scorching, burning and uprooting heavy evil.
  • Looking somebody a dragon who is pursued by flashes and thunder he interprets it as a war and defeat of another ruler who is an enemy to the country, - the emperor will rejoice after this dream about case and setting of another king.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, to him a dragon has appeared, he will shake before another king, - he speaks intrepidly with the dragon, he will make in miraculous manner with another, highly prepared ruler peace.
  • Finding or eats to a dragon's meat, he will attain from the elated emperor Reichtum, so much as he has eaten dragon's meat.
  • Dreaming a prince or the emperor, he kills a dragon, he will defeat a mighty king during the war, - a my husband will become an emperor. Since such accomplishes only one emperor.
  • (dragon dragon): a bad mother-in-law,
  • covered: wait, your time has not come yet,
  • flying: great danger approaches you,
  • are pursued by him: you escape only with effort a danger,
  • falls off: you have escaped from a danger, now the luck,
  • begins
  • of The dreamers is afraid, probably of a woman.
  • defeating
  • Becoming the dragon in the dream, the dreamer his dominance need abreacts towards the woman.

(European ones).:

  • coldblooded vitality: one ignores everything to reach to the success,
  • dragon as an incredible animal means: the fact that one will reach in miraculous manner to wealth and respect,
  • see one as a mythical creature: one will attain the favour of high-ranking people,
  • see a bad one: if brings loss,
  • a man faces: he is afraid of being devoured by a woman,
  • a man defeats one: the man abreacted dominance need against this woman, - one learns to control the forces of the unconscious,
  • are injured by one: Menace by a mighty enemy,
  • kill one: one will escape from a difficult situation: one should also escape from all materialist and 'coldblooded' settings or the dragon in own house.


  • protects you from a danger which surrounds you.
(See also lizard, monster)

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