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Dragon (the aircraft from paper) (toys)


If one allows to rise a dragon, one completely gives himself up the wind. Transfer on the dream level this means that the dreaming disposes in his everyday life of the skill which he needs. In Chinese traditions the dragon symbolises the wind, - also even today it is a symbol for freedom.
  • letting the dreaming rise in his dream a dragon, this maybe reminds him of lighthearted childhood days which still were freely from responsibility.
  • Often are the colour of the dragon and the material from which it was produced, by symbolic meaning.
  • dragon from paper can announce soaringly plans and hopes to which, however, no success will be gave.


A dragon shows the need of the dreaming for bigger spiritual freedom - freely his of restrictions and even the 'threads move'.



  • see flying: you will attain the favour of high people, but through this experience little nice thing,
  • see rising: Rise, prosperity, - (60, 46, 72)
  • see falling: adverse relations.

(European ones).:

  • warns us about futile, booting up plans and against building castles in the air,
  • see flying: meant a wrong luck.
(See also colours and under materials)

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