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Among the rest, a tin symbolises female sexuality. Important ones are, in any case, the contents of the tin.
  • A close tin indicates that one liked to know something what is kept secret before one.
  • A close tin which one does not get open deals with feelings which one would like to keep under lock and key anyway.
  • A tin open aforesaid which we give away something, want to give so somebody an allowance.
  • An open tin against it indicates the exuberance of the feelings which one is ready to give away and can contain the request to take a favorable opportunity.
  • What was then in the tin

- Popular:


  • of wood or horn: miserable profit,
  • from noble metal: good views,
  • clarifies decorated or paints: let themselves get to believe something,
  • lose tin: your forgetfulness brings you damage,
  • sniff from it tobacco: on good ideas come,
  • get from it a pinch offered, or offer somebody one: new friendship close,
  • closed: one holds back his opinion before you,
  • openly: take what you want, one waits for it.

(European ones).:

  • as a container a symbol of the protected life, without all loss is,
  • use, - one will hear good,
  • lose: meant disagreement with itself,
  • find: you will hear something pleasant, - one enjoys joy and favour,
  • of hard wood, leg etc.: warns about acceptance of ugly habits,
  • of silver: if an honourary present registers, - Li> brings advantages,
  • golden ones: Wealth,
  • (snuff) lose: Profit in the play,
  • sniff from it: you make a pleasant acquaintance,
  • nicely paints: Pleasure,
  • receive to the present: you reach to honour and respect, - one has good friends.

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