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Association: - Sting of the consciousness. Question: - In which manner am I ready to bring the physical and spiritual aspects of my personality in harmony?


The thorn in the dream symbolises physical grief. In connection with the general health he can point to a possible susceptibility to infections. Appearance of visions like stings, thorns, barbs or splinters, they are to be interpreted as a symbol for mental miseries or disappointments of the dreaming. A dream which acts from blossoming thorn bushes, e.g., rosebushes or Himbeer-or blackberry bushes mostly points to sexual difficulties or respect problems. In the dream of a thorn indicates to be stung that the dreaming has to master smaller difficulties. Moreover, the thorn can announce only disagreeable experiences of life or even a serious mental illness. Now and again he warns about the stubborness of other people against which one hard comes. Thorns are a symbol of the self-contemplation on old virtues, in the Christian sense on suffering have to go to help others.
    then the dreaming in his life must search
  • of bringing thorns blood to the flowing, for the cause for an injury.
  • Trading it to itself around the dream of a woman, then the injury can stand by the thorn for the sexual act or for her fear of the sexual intercourse with the man whom she loves secretly.
  • If thorns sting or one gets stuck in them, gets the love in a crisis or remains on the distance.
  • thorn can show above all with young girls without experiences a sexual symbol which expresses equally sexual needs and fear of the still unknown sexuality, - this meaning applies above all if they prick themselves in the finger and blood resigns (symbol of the defloration).


The thorn, especially concerning Christ, can mean that the dreaming is in search of the spiritual. The crown of thorns symbolises the suffering for the faith.


Thistles and thorns mean because of her Spitzigkeit to pains, because of her impenetrability obstacles, because of her roughness worries and pains, to many also lovesickness and misdeeds from on the part of bad people because from the wounds which cause that blood flows, - näherhin prophesy thistles misdeeds of women, thorns of men. Thistles, thorns and Christian's thorns are in view of security without exception favorable portents because they form embankments and enclosures of properties, unfavorably against it if it is a matter of disentangling difficulties because they are impenetrable obstacles. They bring to customs officers, bar owners, robbers, people who work with wrong weights and swindlers bigger advantages than something other because they tear foreign property by force and against the will of the owners in themselves.



  • a thorn means a bad, devious guy, depending on how the thorn procure is, - there are excluded, nevertheless, the prickly trees which yield fruit from which on top the speech was, - then these call the strength and dignity of the people, - the small prickly shrubs against it point to an unconscious, bad guy who only torments other people.
  • Dreaming one, thorns would have clasped him, he will suffer in the measure annoyance and misery as the thorns clasped him.
  • having his clothes in thorns get caught, will press worries and miseries him.
  • step one with bare feet on the way in the thorns, he will cause if he is high man or a military leader according to pain, which the thorns, be wounded, - an easy man will have annoyance and failure in his trade.
  • wandering paths of the faith mean
  • of thorn branches.
  • Dreaming somebody, he is wounded by thorns of the date palm, distinguished and high-powered women to him will cause quarrel and annoyance, measured in pain which he suffered. Generally every thorn points to distress, pain immediately which it causes.
  • see: you find opposition, - your plan is disagreeable for other and brings you enemies,
  • hineingeraten: one must make himself calm on difficulties and obstacles in the next time,
  • injure themselves in it: are deceived by a wrong friend,
  • are stung by them: you will lose an office,
  • hineinfallen: you will fall in love.

(European ones).:

  • Widerwärtigkeiten with all enterprises, so that one must act with the biggest care, - of understanding female sexually, - fear of dangers as a result of sexual intercourse,
  • see: one will become dear-ill or lovesickness can soon appear,
  • scratch themselves with one: Dear luck,
  • are stung by one: Resolution of an acquaintance,
  • prick themselves - for young girl: Fear of the first sexual contact,
  • in women's dreams: indicate fear of gender illnesses,
  • fall in thornbushes: one will get in a very muddled situation - the freeing is difficult,
  • get in thorns: one should appear in the next time to difficulties and obstacles,
  • carry a wreath from thorns on the head: much mental grief.


  • does not follow the stubborness of your people,
  • are stung: you will have worries in your occupation.
(See also thistles,' thorn bushes ',' fruit ',' undergrowth')

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