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Thunder bird

medicine wheel:

Key words: Beaming, - cleaning, - burning, - changing, - internal fire, - shine, - quick flashing, - directly, - brightly, - energetically, - piercingly, - flash, - conversion, - fire bird, - phoenix, - fire clan. Description: The thunder bird's clan is connected in Sun Bears vision with the fire. The people who were born in the moon of the budding trees (from the 21st of March to the 19th of April), in the moon of the maturing berries (from the 23rd of July to the 22nd of August) and in the moon of the long snow (from the 22nd of November to the 21st of December) are all member of the thunder bird or fire clan. Flashes step out of sight of the thunder bird, and his flappings of wings produce the thunder. The thunder bird's clan exists of people with very emitting energy and the ability to clean itself and the things which they touch. These people are active, look around constantly after new suggestions. Often they are the leaders who count on her strong intuitive strength. Members of the fire clan mostly have a lot of charm and humor, - therefore, they close fast friendship. Sometimes they start rattling away, before they have thought, and every now and then they incline to the arrogance. General meaning: A time, in which you are strongly connected with all qualities which are associated with the thunder bird's clan, are ready - the moment, in which you to step in the middle of the stage. Association: Big jet planes. Transcendent meaning: A powerful message of the transformation. (See also fire, bonfire, candle)

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