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Don Juan


If warning of deception, lie and falseness of the others or infidelity often means in a love relationship. Now and again he registers that one longs for erotic adventures to break out maybe of a respect numb in routine, - indeed, will end often with a disappointment.


(European ones).:

  • in the dream of a man: a woman whom one blindly trusts will deceive one,
  • in the dream of a woman: a dangerous love affair which will badly go out approaches,
  • Holding is occupied itself a young woman for an adventuress, you too much with itself and does not note that one flatters her, so that her favour proofs come to a bad end.
  • talk with: one is lied,
  • his victim become: be a light prey for flatterers and schemers, - you will have a bad hand to regulate your matters strictly.

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