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Mastiff (dog) can indicate impetuous strength which one must better rein, or if he stand peacefully, for an especially good, narrow friendship.



  • see or own: you will attain good friends,
  • recumbent: no danger, you are well protected,
  • barking: by care you can prevent a misfortune,
  • teeth baring: the danger stands close before you, is courageous,
  • are threatened by her: one watches out for a hot-tempered person,
  • are bitten by her: wrong friends disadvantage you.

(European ones).:

  • see: one has good friends who protect a dear and, - care against wrong suspicions,
  • see and, besides, are afraid: one will have problems to outgrow the average,
  • are bitten by one: one will be cheated by one of the best friends,
  • this dream a wise and loyal husband promises
  • of A woman.


  • see: you should stay away on the right one,
  • are bitten: is not so prodigal in your love.
(See also dog)

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