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medicine wheel:

Key words: Eatable, - curing, - richly, - rich in mineral, - food (physically and spiritually) strengthens, - strengthens, - holy, - blest, - moon of the first frosts. Description: The thistle is the plant totem in the moon of the first frosts (from the 24th of October to the 21st of November) to Born ones in the medicine wheel. It is a highly grown, with sharp stings reinforced plant which can seem in the town as well as in the country. She forms red, violet or white blossoms in loose association. All parts of the thistle are with very much have an eye, to sharp hair and with a prickly down overcast which make very difficult to pick them or to overlook them. The thistle finds use as food and also as a remedy, because all parts of the plant are very mineral-containing. She helps in digestive problems, reduces fever and increases the milk river with breastfeeding women. Because of her many positive qualities it was looked as a universal remedy which can cure most illnesses and strengthen the body. General meaning: A healing, increasing ability, to be nourishing and to be fed. Association: A person who is especially unapproachable, - viciously. Transcendent meaning: A gift of the healing either for your dream work or in general for your life.


The thistle can stand for defiance and lust for revenge and points to something disagreeable in the life of the dreaming. To dream of her, makes to the dreaming these qualities with people and with itself deliberate. On this occasion, the colour of the thistle can also matter. If she stings us in the dream, the unconscious draws the attention of us probably to hidden envious people, to envy. Maybe stings us in the awake life in the eye that we have hurt somebody from our environment for what we should make up.


The thistle can show the refusal according to mind compared with a physical need.


Thistles and thorns mean because of her Spitzigkeit to pains, because of her impenetrability obstacles, because of her roughness worries and pains, to many also lovesickness and misdeeds from on the part of bad people because from the wounds which cause that blood flows, - näherhin prophesy thistles misdeeds of women, thorns of men. Thistles, thorns and Christian's thorns are in view of security without exception favorable portents because they form embankments and enclosures of properties, unfavorably against it if it is a matter of disentangling difficulties because they are impenetrable obstacles. They bring to customs officers, bar owners, robbers, people who work with wrong weights and swindlers bigger advantages than something other because they tear foreign property by force and against the will of the owners in themselves.



  • in general: indicates at Widerwärtigkeiten, - you will find out unexpected insult,
  • prick themselves on one: Misfortune, - lovesickness, - one will receive many needle stings, - one does not live in the harmony with his surroundings,
  • see: one feindet to itself in, - one is surrounded by envious people,
  • a whole thistle field: symbolises a difficult way which one has before himself and would not like to go,
  • split: your worries are finished,
  • plant: you get by own guilt incommodities,
  • water: your reliefs harvest ingratitude,
  • take a short-cut: you will regret rash enterprises.

(European ones).:

    on this occasion,
  • sign of the evil and the disappointment, - is stressed that own guilt must be given, - disputes they can be avoided if you are tactful,
  • one single thistle points to lower difficulties,
  • are stung by such: one will have annoyance, - one achieves no good agreement with the environment,
  • a thistle field: symbolises a difficult way which one has before himself,
  • plant or pour: one is disappointed by people whom one trusted, or even has promoted.


  • see: Disagreeable and envy approaches,
  • collect: Fail to our work and trouble.
(See also thorns, colours)

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