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The man who disposes of the instruments of the soul directs our feeling world which he would like to harmonise as it were. He also tracks down disharmonies in our inner life. Who himself stood in the dream in the conductor's desk, that has a strong harmony need and wants to provide actively for the fact that his sphere on the desired wavelength swings. Who is fascinated in the dream of a conductor, harmony also wishes - but provide for it (and with tensions manage) others have to go. Even the conductor's fan presents himself with pleasure übersensibel and complicates, he tolerates no 'sloping tone' in his sphere and behaves extremely conflict-shy. Only the others are always responsible for disharmony. If one saw himself in the dream as a conductor, the responsibility could mean. Is one in the awake life responsibly for a department or a company? Or wants one to set only tone?


(European ones).:

  • a superior will cause trouble to one of the colleagues. One can help this colleague, while one behaves towards him loyally.
(See also concert, music, orchestra)

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