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Association: - Imagination, - the power of the size. Question: - Which part of me would like to be bigger?


Enormously and prehistoric living beings in dreams release fear and frightening. Here it is about the fascination of the huge and monumental. The dreaming has established the communication with an archetypal or old-fashioned part of itself. In consideration of the fact that the dinosaurs have become extinct and meet the person today above all in the form of fossils, it could concern if such an animal seems in the dream a fossilized personality portion. Moreover, the dreaming must get clarity whether he reacts in his existential fear stronger to her physical size or to her power.


Every person carries a chaotic past in himself which puts out a gigantic part of his life. Should the spiritual development progress, the dreaming must understand that he can also have an effect afterwards still on the past. (See also dragon)

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