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Association: - Sleep, - rest, - retreat of all activities, - foundation. Question: From what would like I to withdraw before what want I to have rest?


Traditionally the bed is understood as a symbol for the circulation of the life: Here children are generated and born, sick people healthy and it is the place of the dying. Bed can symbolise sexual needs which one realises not enough. The dream takes the bed especially importantly, because 'like one itself lays so one lies'. With it our unaware situation is symbolised. It is the hoard of the security in which to us sometimes deep restlessness grasps, - one should follow this feeling in the awake state because it could point to any concealed cooker of mental germs. The dream bed stands best of all on the left-hand side, on the unaware side. At the moment, because a woman shifted her dream bed to the right, a ghost's being appeared to her. However, ghosts appear if a natural order is disturbed. If unseemly happens, it becomes 'immense'. According to the accompanying circumstances are behind it, however, also the following meanings which are based partly on old Indian springs:
  • is Importantly the size of the bed. If it fills, for example, the whole space, this means that the dreaming of the sexuality attaches a too big value in his life.
  • Being the bed too narrowly or too small, is the opposite the case.
  • own empty bed states something about the mental loneliness of the dreamer.
  • a foreign empty bed should point to a forthcoming death or another misfortune in the family or another misfortune in the family or in the closer relative's circle.
  • covered bed can indicate the readiness to a sexual adventure, in particular if one often suppresses sexual needs.
  • Trading the dream of a freshly referring bed, so this points to the need, those thoughts and images which are really important to the dreaming, from a new vantage point to begin. We believe that a cleanly referring bed should remind the dreamer maybe rather to pay attention also in the awake life to 'cleanness' in the sex life, - therefore, dirty bedding would be a signal to bring his relations in the pure one. After a medieval dream book this luck should promise in the love if it is dirty, bad luck.
  • If one goes to bed in the dream alone, can symbolise this the wish to return in the security and security of the mother's lap.
  • the dreaming goes to bed in his dream with another person, this can express either the sexual desire for this person, or show that the dreaming does not need to be afraid of his sexual impulses.
  • in the bed will lie as the need for more rest or than escape from the reality, understood partially, however, also as a token for satisfaction and internal harmony, - sometimes one searches in it also the passing forgotten of problems and conflicts or is prepared for a forthcoming more serious illness.
  • bed make a future happier family life mostly promises.
  • badly made or dirty bed can indicate discontent with itself and own living conditions or point to informal problems.
  • cannot sleep in the bed restlessness and quarrel with others announces.
  • from the bed get up shows that one has made a decision and will carry out him with courage and perseverance.
  • the bed seems in dreams of married couples or long-standing life partners, the state of the bed about the respect can provide information.


A bed can show a sort of spiritual sanctum and a feeling of cleanness. It is the place of the regeneration, the love, the death and the birth.



  • The close unterbed means the wife.
  • Dreaming to one, the same has been stolen from him, this means the death of his wife, - it has burnt, she will die by a heavy illness.
  • Seeming it him, he gets another unterbed, he will take according to his beauty another woman.
  • his woman of a hand will change
  • Carrying he the same of a place to the other, in the other.
  • Being the place where the bed was carried better or worse, will improve the situation according to the woman or make worse.
  • he will take
  • Finding somebody another mattress, another woman to himself.
  • Sleeping one in a foreign house in a foreign bed and he knows the landlord, he will entice his woman to the adultery, he does not know him, sexual offence do.
  • ties up one his bedding and carries it elsewhere, he will go away of his wife and find them with his return virtuous and respectable, - his bedding has become full and bulging, he will find if he comes home again his woman pregnant from him.
  • Seeming it one, he has an unknown bed, he will take away from home a woman whose kind and being of the beauty, size and equipment of the bed resembles.
  • Looking one a known or foreign upholsterer on his bed and itself lie on it, he will attain big responsibility and joy because the upholsterer on a wooden bed lies, wood, however, to mighty men points, - the longer he lies on the bed, will be raised all the more he about these men.
  • he will sadden
  • Sleeping one on soft upholsterer without worries, his woman and not worry about them, - he rests on coloured upholsterer, the dream will go out according to the colours interpreted on top.
  • see unused one: Your nerves shout after rest. You work too much. Make sometimes break, otherwise there comes the setback.
  • see used: The work waits, however, you follow your love affairs. Everything at his time done, brings luck.
  • pure-white see coated: happy married life,
  • very nicely: happy marriage,
  • own see in mess: one of your secrets is revealed,
  • made good: Security and rest,
  • see the dirty: is valid as an unfavorable portent, - one watches out for the society of bad people,
  • the bad: Misfortune in the family experience, - illness in the family,
  • see carrying away: Loss in his possession, you will lose an advance,
  • see sunning themselves: domestic well-being.
  • sun themselves and beat out: Prosperity in the house,
  • the empty and uncovered: Death,
  • put themselves: become ill,
  • lie in it: you will fall ill,
  • to themselves see lying in it: one should pay attention more to his health, because one needs the rest, - also: if a light illness announces,
  • rise from it, heraussteigen: recover from an illness.
  • lie in a foreign bed: one should be distrustful compared with his luck,
  • see a stranger in his bed: Disagreement in the marriage,
  • with curtain see: Wedding,
  • luck figures: (17, 46, 23, 6)


  • a foreign bed promises business impetus.
  • of own bed to dream, a sign is for attained security and peace of mind.
  • to dream, one produces a new bed, means that big changes will enter.
  • advises In general the sign the dreaming to take seriously his need for rest, security and security.

(European ones).:

  • see the pretty: if means luck,
  • the clean white see: Worries will disappear,
  • see own bed in mess: the most concealed secrets will soon come out, and this can become embarrassing,
  • sit in it if it is pure: meant early marriage, - satisfaction,
  • only
  • lie in the bed: Danger,
  • to itself see lying in the bed: one should better respect to his health, because one need rest and rest of stress,
  • in a foreign room in the bed be: unexpected visit get,
  • lie in a foreign bed: unexpected good idiom in business matters,
  • to themselves see lying in a foreign one: one should be more distrustful in the next time a little,
  • make: indicates at a change of the residence,
  • the squalid: you will discover a secret or get to know from somebody, - discontent, - one should watch out for the society of negative people,
  • cannot sleep in: Disagreement,
  • with a child lie in one: Fulfilment of hope,
  • see the empty: a sad communication a death,
  • comes to the house, - possibly
  • make: domestic luck,
  • with a young woman means the making beds a new lover and pleasant employments.
  • for a sick person means this: there will appear the complications which maybe lead to the death
  • sleep in the bed under free sky: pleasing experiences and fate idiom to the good,
  • a friend see lying pale in the bed: Friends will get in difficulties,
  • Dreaming a mother that her child wets the bed: Signs for unusual fears,
  • if sick people the bed wet: They will recover not so quickly as expected,
  • wet themselves the bed: Illness or tragic events will cross everyday life.


  • the empty: it will surround you grief,
  • lie in it: pay attention to your health,
  • the dirty: you should devote yourself more to your family,
  • the disorderly: you do not express yourself clearly and cause in your family fear,
  • see carrying away: you put senseless requests,
  • heraussteigen: Success is sure to you only if you are with the thing,
  • see a friend in it: Desperation will come about you, because you have got involved in a thing which you regret now bitterly,
  • the covered: you have luck with the other gender.
(See also 'bedclothes', 'mattress', 'piece of furniture', 'house', sexuality')

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