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Servants / serve


Who dreams himself in the role of a servant, should recognise that he suffers himself too easily beneath and in lacking self-esteem. Who can be served in the dream, the allowance and 'services' holds more different for too natural - a tip to come along about own images on subject giving and taking a few critical thoughts! Servant (butler) is mostly understood as a warning sign and the following accompanying circumstances of the dream are to be followed:
  • servant can see to be a warning before wrong friends who take care though liebedienerisch of one, besides, have in mind, however, to only selfish interests.
  • Even servant be often registers that one is used by others without recognising maybe properly.
  • being served can point to a chronic state of exhaustion by illness or reworking and request to the rest.
  • a servant expresses
  • Now and again in the dream still frank humility or wrong modesty, inhibitions and feeling of inferiority which one should overcome then.
  • servant (maidservant) is mostly understood in the same sense like the servant.
  • however,
  • after old dream books can also announce them that one will receive a praise (often in the occupation).



  • see: Falseness experience, - to get danger in dependence, - (21, 59)
  • be: you will deceive yourself,
  • serve: A rise is not possible yet, waits.

(European ones).:

  • put: pointless issue for putatively good things,
  • chase away: Improvement of the income,
  • see: one will come to strong financial dependence, - one is too modest other towards by feeling of inferiority and is submissive, - Li> also warns about wrong friends,
  • see employed: indicates visits,
  • be: one may avoid of no work, - experience misfortune, - are used, - also: In financial matters succeed,
  • servants under themselves see quarrelling: Annoyance,
  • have: one must be careful, - capital loss and loss of social prestige,
  • are served by one: one is tired,
  • for a woman who dreams of being employees is this an obstacle dream. Hold out and remain at your work.
  • for a woman who dreams of maintaining servants is this an unhappy omen.


  • one not always is able like one wants to want to live also others,
  • maidservant: you are promised and one will be very contented with you.
(See also butler)

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