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If a dream of a thief acts, this concludes by the fact that of the dreaming fear has to have to accept losses. He embodies the part of the personality which allows to waste the dreaming time and energy for pointless employments. The dreaming is robbed by a part of itself. A signal for the losses which one could suffer if one protects himself not on time. The 'stolen goods' can be own possessions, above all, however, moral-mental values. In women's dreams they often wanted to steal with 'to themselves way' to act from a love relationship, with the secrecy which one has before the partner. If one catches the thief, possession can be saved or a mental tension state be diminished. One should also note where the thief appears. Thief can also stand for secret wishes which one admits only furtively, among the rest, also for sexual needs. Other meanings arise from the following accompanying circumstances of the dream:
  • observe A thief in case of the burglary or, besides, catch, a beginning favorable phase announces in the life.
  • are robbed by the thief is valid as a good sign for business intentions, professional and financial plans.
  • escaped the thief, one will experience probably soon a big disappointment or a heavy loss.
  • thief can appear in the same sense like the thief, - however, under circumstances she stands also as a warning of carelessness above all in dear things because one must count then on a disappointment. Then one should watch out for an erotic adventure, even if it seems so tempting still.


At the spiritual level the thief is the part which does not respect to faith in the dream.



  • see: Cunning experience, - one wants to bring you around your success,
  • see breaking: Security,
  • observe: promises a profit in close future,
  • are robbed by one: one should check his unaware mistrust towards his colleague on authorisation,
  • catch: the marriage is certain,
  • be: Profit have, - also: be demanded too much professionally or privately.

(European ones).:

    the dream forbidden pleasures often concerns
  • approach desirably (with women) or planned (with men), - with these approaches,
  • catch: Exposure of important secrets,
  • see: you will pass love affair, - also: somebody needs an eye on the husband thrown, now trust is,
  • see breaking: if luck and rest,
  • promises
  • observe: in future an unexpected profit could appear,
  • arrest: a danger approaches, - love affairs experience, - enemies overcome,
  • allow to escape: if brings a disappointment,
  • are robbed: points to disloyal servants and bad friends, - one should check his mistrust of certain employees and colleagues,
  • are robbed by one: favorable transactions,
  • thief: one becomes careless,
  • steal: Dullness, - one feels overtaxed private or professional,
  • are got even as a thief: a wish or hope ends in a disappointment,
  • is and from the police are pursued: Setbacks in the business experience, - the social connections will be disagreeable,


  • see: rush in no adventures, you will not get over them,
  • arrest: your passion will bring you big damage.
(See also burglar, burglary tools, stealing)

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