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Be thick Dickigkeit /


The opinion which the dreaming has in the awake state of his body, can differ from that who is presented to him in his dreams seriously. This gives him the opportunity to work on his physical self-image. If the dreaming sees himself in his dream as a thick person, his attention is drawn to the defence which he uses against his inadequacy. At the same time the dreaming realises by the vision maybe of his sensuousness and side full of pleasure which it may not be before yet met. Trivially the unconscious can ask with it also once to undertake something against noxious overweight. Maybe feeling of inferiority is also expressed because of own appearance (even if one is not too thick) in it, - this is above all with women often the case who poststrive to the today's excessive slimness ideal which is propagated in women's service magazines, it, however, never reach. Be Dick old dream books indicate as a symbol of luck, success and prosperity.


At the spiritual level the Dick's being stands for the choice before which every person is put over and over again: subject or lean.



  • be thick: you will have to suffer from physical discomfort, - also: Faith only half of that what you hear.

(European ones).:

  • of slight build or normally built people feel well stout in the dream: an enlargement of your possession,
  • become: Fulfilments of hopes and wishes,
  • see: Luck and profit,
  • see thick child: it begins a very favorable epoch.

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