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Association: - Cleanness, - clarity, - treasure of remaining value. Question: - What is valuable for me?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Obligation, - avarice, - hardness. Description: Diamonds, of crystalline, pure carbon existently, are the hardest known substance. In polished form, as diamonds, they break open the light in his components. They are won on different places of the world. Earlier, although not so longs for as today, they were associated with the flash, and one said that they could lend equally strength and courage to a person. General meaning: Fear of change, - hardness, - avarice, - the wish or the fear to enter an obligation. Association: An object or a person of big value or big hardness, - name »rough raw diamond« for somebody whose overriding abilities must be only still developed. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the strength, - revelation about the measure of your courage.


Diamond has similar meaning like diamond, jewel and jewellery. The purest, hardest and most valuable precious stone works as a symbol of the psychic entirety, - the unity of the consciousness with the subconsciousness. The dream can be interpreted very positively. Often he circumscribes clear thoughts which concentrate upon the life success, the firm position towards the people who want us weichmachen. The rough diamond points to the positive values like self-confidence, self-control and controlled feelings. If the dream provides furthermore information about how the diamond can be attained, this is extremely favorable. If the dreaming loses a diamond or diamond in the dream, however, this points to the loss of an important thing. Dreams of polished diamonds are often connected with personal relations. Many facets of the precious stones can indicate the need to look at a respect problem of many sides - or to examine rather the single aspects than the entirety of the respect.



  • rough: Illness and need, - wrong luck,
  • polished: Success and recognition,
  • to polished ones find: points to requited love, - also: after heavy worries suddenly comes the big luck,
  • to polished ones touch down: are distinguished,
  • eat: Luck, wealth,
  • collect: wrong hope,
  • own: Deception.

(European ones).:

  • to polished ones see: meant peace of mind and a glad, shining future,
  • rough ones: one is sparing with expenditures and not careless, because lack of money is at hand,
  • bring luck, unless they are robbed of dead person, - then friends will uncover your unreliability,
  • carry: if the highest luck,
  • announces
  • get as a gift: if loyalty and noble friendship registers,
  • several own: Prosperity,
  • diamond possession: very favorable dream, - accumulation of big honour and high social recognition in view have,
  • diamonds eat: Success and well-being,
  • of A young woman their lover her diamond gives, succeeds a wonderful, honourable part which makes her relationship very proud, - nevertheless, she loses the diamonds and does not find again them, this is a very unfavorable portent: Disgrace, poverty and death announce themselves because in this manner,
  • of A fun-loving woman, the diamonds sees, a long happy time with valuable presents approaches, - a speculator can land happy transactions.


  • looks around you, one spies on your activities and on action.
(See also diamonds, precious stones, jewel, jewellery)

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