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If one accepts that the different figures which appear in dreams are parts of own personality, then one should watch out, to itself by delusive feelings to cheat hopes and expectations. Who often dreams of being cheated, has fear not to be important enough - whether in a partnership, family or working situation. This indicates the suitable action of the dream. A request to win now a better position and to not always be content with a 'minor part' in the life! If one is cheated by the dear partner, one should take seriously this not too, - then the foreign Traumbeischläfer of own partner is frequent nothing else than the unexpected assistance which performs somebody in the awake life to us, - the vision should sometimes also give the impulse to go out in the sex life more from itself. If the dreaming cheats, he runs the risk to lose a good friend. Deception (swindler) can really point out to the fact that one brings himself by too much trust in other and naive good devoutness easily even in difficulties.


The dreaming must check his spiritual aims and remain loyal to them then, - spiritual selfdeception is a great danger on every spiritual developing way.



  • Your trust is on the wrong place. One does not say you the truth and you must count on loss.

(European ones).:

  • in general: if a wrong indicates which one should explain under no circumstances, then one avoids it, one will climb up to an honourable position, - also: often the unexpected, quick luck and short-term improvement of the finances.
  • cheat: to itself on cost of your employer enrich, dedicate themselves to unworthy pleasure and damage your call,
  • are exposed by the deception: is valid as a favorable sign for financial plans, - good advancement,
  • are cheated by a business: on people hit who want to obstruct the way to the prosperity,
  • to you
  • are cheated in general: count unexpected luck or inheritance, - useless attempts of the enemies to damage you - one can trust to the friends and colleagues and on their help, - deals can be closed successfully,
  • deal with a swindler: if a love affair tells in,
  • deception with the play: Wish for revenge in another person by whom one feels injured,
  • swindlers in the play get: one will take revenge for something,
  • accuse a person of the deception: An extremely honourable office is offered to you.
(See also coitus)

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