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Diadem can stand for carried too far striving for recognition, honouring and honour with which one makes himself only ridiculous, however. Sometimes it appears as a symbol for consciousness and mind, - then the meaning can be cleared only from the individual living conditions. The diadem in the dream is also a recognition of the power of the female and expresses the ability to use spiritual or intellectual abilities to receive a supremacy. A magic feeling or something miraculous is associated always also with a diadem, and, hence, it can be understood as a representation of the magic and stranger. If one has carried in the dream the diadem proudly, this confirms a strong self-confidence and the knowledge about own effect on other people. If one has envied somebody a diadem, one himself would be with pleasure in that 'of all illuminating' good position.


At the spiritual level the diadem is a symbol for the sky queen and shows with his form of a circle the bigger whole.



  • see: You will take over big obligations and be honoured,
  • carry: you will be humiliated for your arrogance.

(European ones).:

  • see: Signs for a certain honour which will be soon brought over you,
  • touch down: one will be distinguished,
  • to another touch down: one will take a lot of pleasure and be contented,
  • lose: one will be hurt,
  • find: one longs for honour and size.
  • If a young girl dreams of carrying a sparkling diadem, this is a warning that your ambitions are inaccessible.

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