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A dream symbol what wants to illustrate the dangers (or the not always quite straight ways) of a Vordringens in new, boundless possibilities. The man who tracks down us and guesses our most confidential thoughts - means translated he also the fear that own bad intentions are exposed and fall back on itself, - then behind it stands often a bad conscience with feelings of guilt. If one sees himself as a detective, can point to a responsible, but exciting job which one is assigned maybe soon. However, maybe one also wants to get to know a little bit 'without taking into consideration losses' to use the result afterwards for own - maybe confidential - views, - or the unconscious even wants to remind us to make end, finally, with our secrecy.



  • (he see, deal with him): are robbed.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will go towards troubled times, - one will hear a confession which will rectify the opinion about another person,
  • be: one will get a responsible job entrusted, - somebody who is in a difficult situation gives to one his trust and needs help,
  • are pursued by one and be guilty: one has no pure conscience, - the call will stand at stake and friends will turn towards you the back,
  • are pursued by one and be absolutely innocent: Wealth and honour will get closer from day to day,


  • it has no sense to lie to somebody, besides, you damage to you only.

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