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Association: - Work on the worthiness or recognition. Question: - What do I estimate in myself? How would like I to remain in recollection?


If a monument, plays in a dream about one war memorial, then a role, transports this the dreaming back in the last time, to a recollection maybe which has become an 'impression in stone'. The dreaming must work off this recollection, before he can further progress in his development. Monument stands often for honour, recognition, power and success, sometimes, however, also for feeling of sickness, selfoverestimation, too high expectations and hopes. After the accompanying circumstances in the dream one distinguishes above all the following meanings:
  • monument see promises forthcoming success with recognition, however, warns at the same time, therefore, against becoming careless and snooty. The monument only sometimes points to the fact that one brings it in the life to something.
  • monument build points to the beginning of a work at which one will insert honour if one takes care sincerely.
  • own monument see warns about pompous plans, carried too far hopes and selfoverestimation which lead to damage and mockery.
  • monument base can see to encourage to exert itself more to reach up, - the statue lies beside the base, is to be understood as a warning before a failure, a fall in need and misery because one has increased before maybe himself.
  • The monument in the form of a gravestone should mean long life.


A monument is a concrete representation which should return deference and esteem.



  • see: you will be made happy by an honouring,
  • see own: life rich in honour, - also: one inclines to the selfoverestimation,
  • see another on it: one looks after against somebody nasty feelings,
  • help one to establish: one can be without worries, because the achievements will find the deserving recognition,
  • the fallen or sunken: watch out for death dangers.

(European ones).:

  • in general: End of a work, a plan, - often carried too far hopes for realisation of own plans, - every good-looking monument is a good omen, - success appears as a reward of your strains,
  • see or place: one is glad about progress, - professional success,
  • help to establish one: own achievements will soon harvest deserving recognition,
  • see and admire: honourable career,
  • see and envy: warns about ambition and addiction to fame,
  • on a cemetery see: long life and recognition on the part of the people,
  • be see own: one inclines in a certain thing to the selfoverestimation, - now arrogance, carried too far hopes can only damage, - one will thereby make himself ridiculous,
  • many of his own see: one will make himself ridiculous by megalomania and ruin,
  • see that of a friend or stranger: one will take part in the success of another,
  • see that of a big personality: one will make progress in the work thanks to own salary.


  • honour comes to you to the house, is not too proud about that.
(See also grave)

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