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In general:

Shaft stands in respect with getting on in the life.
  • If one sees them, one will be able to count often soon on success.
  • nevertheless,
  • The broken shaft often announces failures.
  • in the deep-psychological sense may indicate the shaft in particular cases also once that the life with the internal impulse does not stand in harmony.



  • shaft pole: Reaching of the aim, - you plan something important, it will succeed, - also: The incommodities which originate from close relatives,
  • broken ones: Annoyance in the occupation or loss of high Gönnern.

(European ones).:

  • get by poverty in dependence,
  • see: one will go on a trip,
  • broken ones see: a plan will not materialise,
  • knock themselves against a carriage shaft: if sad news announces.


  • before are over some days, you will achieve your long-desired aim.

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