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Swords or dagger: Sigmund Freud saw in the sword or dagger a male phallic symbol. Today the psychoanalysis awards the psychic meaning of separation the occurence of a sword or dagger. It can announce also approaching (or feared) separation. As a phallic symbol the sword stands often in man's dreams for an aggressive form of the sexuality which tries to force if necessary what she does not receive from free pieces, - this can be understood as a reminder. Behind it stands almost always insecurity. Psychoanalytic looked a rusty sword would have to point to lacking power or to an illness of the abdomen. Now and again the sword embodies the personal sense of honour, can own on an Ehrverletzung (broken swords) or more respect (a nice one or agree) point. If one pulls in the dream the sword, one should ask himself whether one does not incline to act hasty. The sword pulled the dream can point to drastic experiences, then sometimes suggests, however, the unconscious, one should have his thoughts better in the power. A fight with the sword sometimes registers that one must fight for his honour which is questioned by others and is hurt. For women the sword often means fear of sexuality, at the same time, however, also longing after strong (nevertheless, not aggressive), protecting partner as well as exaggerated sexual wishes.



  • only see in general: one is treated honourably,
  • carry: you know how to protect your right, - also: you reach a high-powered post,
  • in the scabbard: a humiliation,
  • from the scabbard move: you will soon get quarrel, - also: you will commit in the rage an imprudence,
  • have in hands: Joy, honour,
  • fence with it: Friendship,
  • see breaking: Death,
  • more broken: unhappy chance,
  • with big gilt clutch: Honour,
  • lose: Poverty,
  • wound himself with it: Prosperity, high Gönner,
  • are attacked with it and be unarmed: one has to count on a drastic experience,
  • are attacked with it and own even one: one will have to fight against defamation.

(European ones).:

    a man a sword sees
  • : an expected separation approaches,
  • in the hand: if fame, honour, joy,
  • promises
  • of shining or pulled swords: Quarrel and loss,
  • with one are attacked: a determining experience soon comes up on,
  • with one are stung: Mortal danger,
  • see struggling with one: one will be able to sit down against attacks and clap well to the weir,
  • more rusty: Disgrace of the honour.


  • you has to count in your life always on change, however, she does not damage to you, because from it you can only learn.
(See also knife, sword)

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