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Cover (Woollen one)

Association: - Nicety, - security, - warmth. Question: - From which nicety or fear want I to protect myself?


Quilt, duvet or woollen blanket often represent the need of the dreaming for security, warmth and love. She indicates to see in the dream that he recognises this need. She warms not only, but one can be also hidden 'under her' - so it is important that one notices himself after such a dream with whom one is 'under a cover': She is more different symbol for closeness - and also for common retreat - e.g., before the indiscretion. Cover is also often in the sense from 'something under the cover hold' (hide) to understand, - then one must try to fathom what one hides from himself and other whether one is ashamed for it and feels feelings of guilt. The colour or the pattern of the blanket possibly has bigger meaning than the cover itself. A special blanket can have a special meaning. A cot cover in the dream of an adult possibly can interpret the wish for consolation.


At this level a blanket in the dream can be a symbol for spiritual care.



  • (blanket): Wishes remain unfulfilled,
  • one or several see: Visit will arrive, - also for married: may count on new arrival to the family,
  • on the bed: little rest will be granted to you,
  • on the table: you get a clarification,
  • cover something: do not pronounce everything what you think,
  • wrap themselves with one: one is afraid of his enemies, - also: a warning, one may not be too frank other towards.

(European ones).:

  • table cover, sofa cover or blanket: a visit is to be expected,
  • dirty ones: if means betrayal,
  • anew and knows: if success promises, - a fatal illness is turned away by unexpected circumstances,
  • is well-to-do and new ones dream of shopping or of receiving: Capital loss,
  • be poor or less-wealthy: Improvement of the position,
  • one or several covers see: one will get visit, - sometimes also new arrival to the family,
  • wrap themselves in one: one is afraid of enemies and warns other at the same time against not being so frank,


  • you must be able to renounce quite a lot of things if you want to reach something.
(See also colours, geometrical figures)

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