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Association: - Communion, - search for help. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to give way?


Beets expresses the wish for help, in particular in hopelessly seeming situations in which one can hope only for help 'from above'. Also the request around forgiveness of an incriminating guilt or deep fear enclosing the whole personality can stand behind it. The beets sometimes also register that one will turn again to the religion and the faith.


A woman turned once to the interpreter of dreams Sirin and said: 'What will happen to me? To me dreamt at this night that I prayed like a priest or priest for the people.' Sirin asked: 'By which hour did you have the dream?' She answered: 'After midday, around three.' He replied: 'Three months will pass, then you will separate from your man, follow the loose trade, become pregnant and bear a child.' And thus it also came.



  • pray: you will be quietly in your mind,
  • see reciting himself: indicates at a pleasant existence in the future,
  • others see praying: you have warmhearted friends, one will release you from big need.

(European ones).:

  • see or others: if satisfaction, luck and joy promises, - fear of God, - one owns good friends who would always stand by one in the need,
  • see themselves as reciting: own future is blest, however, one needs the advice of an objective adviser or the support of family and/or friends,
  • in the church: Pangs of conscience,
  • before an outside standing cross or saint's picture: Fear around the existence.


  • Freud and grief accompany you already a row of years, but the sun of the luck will soon also seem for you again.
(See also devotion)

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