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The date symbolises the female - in more physical like seelsicher regard. Because dates are exotic fruits, they draw the attention of the dreaming to his wishes for something special and unusual in his life. On the other hand, the date stands in the dream maybe for the fact that of the dreaming friendliness and a person needs who looks after him. Date has mostly sexual meaning, points to the needs for sex, love and tenderness. Maturity, sweet dates refer to adequate partner relations and general satisfaction or astonishing luck in the love. He feels the need that another person takes care in an unusual measure of his. If they remain inaccessible for the dreaming, he has longing for mental and physical balance. Immature dates mean against it feeling of inferiority, inhibitions or the refusal of an existing or forthcoming partnership. However, after old Indian dream books the warning can be also connected with it before the too big passion which one should rein.


Fruits, and particularly dates, are often got in contact with fertility rites. In old Rome dates were used because of her delightful taste and her spiritual connection often during the wedding preparations as an aphrodisiac.



  • have or eat (in general): good success in the love,
  • if a man dates eats: are loved by a woman,
  • if a man dates gives away: she will soon kiss you,
  • find one: if means a remeeting with old love,
  • dates to eat luck, joy and property of a high woman promises.
  • Dreaming one, he bumps into date palms, finds their fruits piled up in the coming of the trees and eats a part, he carries away the other, he will acquire according to their amount of important means from a woman by Hurerei, - he also delivers other from the fruits, he will also serve other with the wealth.

(European ones).:

  • a female symbol which is to be laid out erotically,
  • pick: Longing for love,
  • give away: one will receive kisses,
  • if a Mrs. Datteln sees or eats: one will be admired by a person of the other gender and be loved,
  • if a man dates sees or eats: he longs for experiences with several women,
  • eat only just one: one will remeet old love,
  • distribute or to another personality deliver: Affection,
  • may not or throw away: Aversion.


  • you can safely enjoy the day, however, you should rein your passions.
(See also 'fruits')

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