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Date palm


Wreaths of the date palm favour conjugal connections with free-born women because of the interweaving and prophesy because of the evergreen children to whom a long life is given, - the other promises the date palm a son. Athletes and arms are favorable they (wreaths), - the latter make them rich, the ersteren ones famous. Slaves bring them the freedom, - then carrying such wreaths is a prerogative of the open air. However, they uncover the concealed because this gain of such wreaths for sensation provides.



    aristocratic women and those from imperial blood mean
  • date palms.
  • Dreaming one, he goes to a grove of date palms and picks ripe palm fruits, he will attain so much gold and wealth from aristocratic and imperial women as he picked fruits, - these are still immature, the dreaming will take pains to get favour proofs of those, but according to the fruits which he picked suffer only bad because have this one astringent effect.
  • breaks off to palms, he will attain from the same women big power because the sheets are pointed, but only low and moderate wealth.
  • Dreaming of the emperors or big man, he takes several date cores from the boll, he will generate with an aristocratic lady a child, a my husband will be glad about a child of a high aristocrat, provided that the cores branches done.
  • Solving one of the trunk of the palm the woolly bark, he will get of a woman only low and moderate finances, - he tears off of a dry palm something, he will become rich suitable of a foreign woman inheritance.
  • see one: your love finds the strongest reply.
  • your love finds the strongest reply.

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