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Bowel (bowels)

Association: - Strength, - staying power. Question: - From which spring do I cover my strength?


Bowel can stand in the dream for the processing and utilisation of experiences which are 'digested' as it were, - this mostly points out to the fact that one should give more attention to own experiences. But beside the digestion the bowel still has the job to eliminate the indigestible, - therefore, he can also express that one should escape maybe also lovesickness from incriminating experiences like feelings of guilt. The unconscious wants to release our soul from pointless thoughts. This human action is also often interpreted as the generosity which one expects from the dreamer.



  • important duties will hand over to you,
  • more rotten: announce nothing good, - illness and death.

(European ones).:

  • concludes by an illness,
  • dry bowels: successful enterprises,
  • meet in the dream: shortly a misfortune by which you lose a friend
  • happens to you
  • the own see: an illness will affect your everyday shops with others, - loss with a lot of frustration also registers,
  • own lay on an object which turns out heater, and as a result they become hot and you feel very unwell and you ask others to help you what is rejected, nevertheless: thus this misfortune and the difficulty promises itself from a dangerous situation to release.
(See also excrement, toilet, 'body')

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