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An advance means the same like the life, - then we owe our life just as well of the nature of the Alls like an advance to the believer. The believer has the same meaning like an advance. Therefore, he means ill danger if he moves up to them and claims back his money, however, he takes something, the death. A dying believer releases from grief and worries. Further a believer and a daughter mean the same because a daughter puts necessarily demands, - then one has brought up them once under many worries, she goes with a dowry from the house.



  • take up: you go towards to big worries,
  • give: you make enemies to yourself.

(European ones).:

  • bad omen, because financial obligations can mean fast the death of every friendship.
  • take up: one will lose friends,
  • give: one will make enemies to himself.
(See also borrow of)

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