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The visit which one receives symbolises that information, warmth or love is given the dreaming. If the visitor is known to him, this could refer to a real situation. Otherwise an edged out personality portion probably tries to appear. If a person gets visit in the dream, this symbol mostly points out to the fact that a change or development approaches above all in the interpersonal area or has already arrived which is, however, mostly of only passing kind. If the dreaming feels the visit as pleasant, he is contented with the development, - he feels him as annoying or disagreeable, this is a sign for his discontent or also impatience, - however, can point also to allergies or on the antipathies which one looks after in the awake life. Somebody indicates to visit that the dreaming must extend his horizon in psychic, emotional or spiritual regard. A more exact interpretation is to be seen from the whole dream action.


A future spiritual leader becomes often apparent first by a visit in the dream.



  • conceive: Incommodities experience, you will come to a disagreeable situation, - also: warns against opening too much towards his person,
  • make: Wrong must suffer, - one should check his circle of friends exactly,
  • of a doctor: Well-being.

(European ones).:

  • conceive: one will been deceptive in his expectations badly,
  • expect visit: one will pour many tears,
  • receive: one will get to act with the court,
  • visitor: stands for the increase in the family by a birth or marriage,
  • receive from a friend: if means a pleasure trip,
  • if the friend sadly and drawn appears: disagreeable visit or disappointments follow,
  • if he or they black or knows is dressed and looks pale: heavy illness or an accident,
  • make: Quarrel and damage have, - or tells a family party in, - also: Obstacles for your plans,
  • disagreeable visit: Their joy is clouded by bad people,
  • are taken up as a visitor unkindly: Annoyance among friends and friends,
  • many visitors: the more people Sie surround, the greater the business difficulties,
  • a sick person is visited by a doctor: if healing approaches.
(See also strangers, friends, relatives)

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