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In general:

Steamboat, the ship which lets down steam stands for own restlessness that the life trip could go to unknown waterway. The smoke of the chimney covers as it were the future, - but only courage, every trip comes to an end once - hopefully happily-.


If one sees driving him, he stands for the mental impulses which will cross. Quick the mind wants to the aim.



  • see going: good end of business connections,
  • on one go: hopeful future,
  • see capsizing: a bad incident will be obstructive to your plans.

(European ones).:

  • under full steam: stand for work and big activity,
  • see one: one will go on a trip,
  • see going: Realisation of your plans,
  • go with it: Trip in the uncertain, unsafe enterprises, - improvement of the instantaneous situation.
(See also steam, trip, ship)

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