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Association: - Picture of the selfdoubt or the denial. Question: - What stands between me and my higher consciousness?


Under this concept gather many beings from fairy tale and imagination, as for example 'dwarfs', 'giants', 'fairies', 'witches' and 'minds'. If demons seem in the dream, they are either helpful or evil and have mostly something uncanny in themselves. Demon can indicate the internal inner conflict of a person who feels threatened from his suppressed needs, wishes and imagination. Massive feelings of guilt, obnoxious people and aggressions, partly also states of anxiety are also often connected with it. If these visions seem very often and release fear with the dreaming, this can point to a disturbance of the personality. In such cases psychotherapeutic help can be indicated if one does not gain control of the problems even.



  • you gets an important warning.

(European ones).:

  • meet one: points to thoughtless life and immorality, - this one bad call,
  • promises to a woman
  • see one: Warning before the attacks of wrong friends,
  • defeat him: the plans of your enemies cross.
(See also monster)

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