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Lady (woman)


Lady differs from the symbol of the woman by the fact that she looks distinguished. In it a certain life foreignness can be expressed, one can be deceived maybe too much by the external light. A frequent man's dream: A foreign, often 'anonymous' lady moves unapproachable, almost awfully by a dream action. Want to operate with her socially or sexually: One longs for better contact or for a sexual adventure which also has a spiritual charm. Then she looks amusing and menacing at the same time. What is called: One is afraid of female superiority or all typically female qualities which he does not see through - and therefore cannot gain control. An inferiority dream. The picture of motherly women concludes by the wish for security - again on insecurity, but in another area. From women dreamt: an overpowering mother (or superiors etc.) the a little bit emotionally 'inaccessible' always has in itself and thinks highly to be loved more dreaded than. How have the ladies looked in the dream of a woman? Were these evident sex bombs? Then the dreamer is unsafe concerning her partner and also concerning her femininity. Behind the lady own mother can be hidden, the authority who wants to admonish us to live differently than up to now. One pays attention with the interpretation of the dream to whether it has really concerned a right lady.



  • the known, above all if nicely and gracefully: quick good news, - also: you come to good society,
  • a foreign one: Confessed will speak behind the back disadvantageously of one, - also: Quarrel and annoyance are not missing,
  • decorated ones: Quarrel and annoyance,
  • several ladies: Signs for the fact that disadvantageous about one is in circulation.
  • itself from the society removing ones: Annoyance with the partner.

(European ones).:

  • the connection with a lady lets wishes and expectations come true,
  • young and nicely: if good news registers,
  • old and nastily: irritating Klatschereien,
  • with one speak: it will become a little good,
  • several ladies see or speak: one becomes the victim of clap.


  • you do not seem to understand the life in spite of your age yet and thinks that the sun always seems. Think of the evening and separate the feelings from the thoughts. Your heart is aroused too quickly and the remorse comes too late.
(See also woman, maps, mother)

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