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Roofing tile

In general:

Roofing tiles should indicate a laborious life which one will endure, however, with a lot of patience, -
  • if the bricks are damaged, the misfortune will predominate.
  • they circumscribe
  • traps them of the roof down, an opponent who wants to hit us with spiritual means.



  • see falling down: Profit, inheritance, - also: one will have to see that all strains have been useless for the reaching of an aim,
  • look at one: the success leads the way only slowly and one runs the risk to have done many efforts and strains free of charge.

(European ones).:

  • a falling one: now all strains are pointless and pure time waste.


  • laboriously you go your life, but you endure everything with patience,
  • falling ones: soon favorable days, you come to the aim.
(See also roof, brick)

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