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Gutter points out to the fact that one goes unusual or even dangerous ways to realise an intention. Besides, the following accompanying circumstances are to be followed:
    one will have to use
  • Climbing one slowly, but steadily in the gutter upward, some trouble, but, nevertheless, finally, reach to the aim.
  • this indicates
  • Sliding one the gutter down, that one must start though the retreat in a difficult situation, however, thanks to own imagination and creativity will get away lightly.
  • fall warns about the fact that all trouble is free of charge, one will land fast and hard again on the ground of the reality.
  • Trivially, sometimes, however, also is appropriately the interpretation as a wish for an erotic adventure (comparably to the Bavarian Fensterln).



  • see or own: good partner or partner,
  • stand under it: unexpected incommodities above all in the love.

(European ones).:

  • see: Ärgerlichkeiten enter,
  • water pouring out channel: The disagreeable will soon disappear,
  • hinaufklettern: one will reach on a forbidden or not common way to a certain aim,
  • slip off with hinaufklettern or fall down: a forbidden or uncommon enterprise will fail,
  • slide in one down: one will be able to wriggle out of a disagreeable affair in unusual manner,
  • stand under one: unhappy times could follow in the love.

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