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Cutlery in the dream directs our look at the eating culture and the eating habits. Food hangs together with basic needs and their refinement. The cutlery helps to carry out this cultivation process. In addition still there comes the meaning of the decomposition and with it of the analysis. Pay attention to what the cutlery insists of, whether it shows special forms. Many think that dreams of cutlery show the male and female sides of the dreaming. Knives and fork can stand together also for a well-balanced life style. Every association which causes the cutlery with the awake life of the dreaming is also important. If for example, old-fashioned cutlery seemed in the dream, can deal with the grandparents of the dreaming or childhood experiences. If was the cutlery moulder or unknown, it may show the wish of the dreaming to begin new duties or a new life phase. Cutlery in connection with food can symbolise food and indicate, therefore, a healthy emotional or personal growth. If food pieces of the fork fall or one used a dull knife, this says that one feels currently frustrated or has problems to get spiritual food which one needs. Fork: This is a widespread aggression symbol with her sharp pitchforks. If you have 'something picked up one? Is there something in this dream which is hard to be caught or to be stuck? Do you feel embarrassed to access with your fingers? Spoon: This is the spoon in the least aggressive symbol under the cutlery. With him is to them popular phrase 'the spoon deliver' for the death to think. Further he reminds to us to the childhood when we were in habit to eat only with the spoon. Sometimes also exist Reminiscences in the 'Suppenkasper' (the child history from 'Der Struwelpeter'). One has to go his soup scrape clean, that is the consequences of that carry, what one has 'crumbled'. Knife: The knife is once a symbol of the aggression and on the other hand technical or of analysing mind. Besides, is especially important, around which kind of the knife to themselves acts. Big breadknives and culinary knives also express bigger aggressions, than small breakfast-wise or, for example, fruit knife. Also follow always, whether this Knife is sharp or dull. Sharp knives point to bigger aggressions or one more sharp mind there, dull knives on smaller aggressions and rather cloud or unused mind.


(European ones).:

  • One cannot create everything only and, therefore, should perceive the support which is offered to one.
  • of shining-cleaned spoons: the family life runs smoothly,
  • a sentence of new spoons: if harmony means in the family,
  • spoons food exhaust: the life is good to one, one will be able to enjoy it in full trains, - there will be not not enough food,
  • a fork with the tasty ingredients are mixed, can indicate lively and pleasant social events in close future,
  • give away a knife: Warning dream! indicates the untimely demolition of a plan,
  • a rusty or broken knife: Fear of family quarrel or problems in the dear life.

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