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Association: - effortless communication, - high tech. Question: - Which communication area discloses to me?


Computers and other high tech devices are a part of her life for many people. The dream symbol computer points to the order and the rational in the life and can act in the dream as tools or symbolise, however, the personal potential in talents which the dreaming owns. In the positive dream it is the symbol for high reactivity and a perfect functioning - in the negative one: unfeeling, virtually inhuman perfection. On the other side the vision shows computer also almost always a tip to the missing human or personal communication. Also: The dreaming produces a connection with old recollections or with stored information. Maybe he sees the life also too sober and mechanical. He should allow more space to his feelings. In addition, he warns to the dreaming about career addiction. Computers count mostly properly, if an operating error does not hinder them in it. If in the dream a computer over and over again makes the same mistake, one should consider whether in the awake life also everything is properly planned. Or has the close future been 'programmed' not so precisely as one believes?


A computer can symbolise spiritual impressions, - he can also show the past, the present and the future.


(European ones).:

  • work on it: Change of the terms of employment and bigger responsibility,
  • about him do not know a lot: it is entrusted with you a project that seems overpowering.

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