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Association: - get together, - comradeship. Question: - What would like I to belong to?


To be a club member, lends a feeling of security: One knows himself with like-minded people with the same interests linkedly. What happened in the dream, presumably reflects the topical feelings. If the dream was pleasant and one felt fine, he symbolises that one feels secure in the family and with the friends. If one was thrown out, however, e.g., and was ashamed, one has in the reality probably feelings of guilt of certain kind. The herd instinct in us causes above all in the youth that one wants to differ by no means from own friend's clique. However, with adults a dream with clan overtones requires to investigate whether one expresses own individuality enough or searches from the relation group or clan stronger support.


(European ones).:

    the people whom you have not seen since longer time will meet
  • you. Do not fall under influence under you.

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